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Trail is launching soon!

The Constitution Trail connects people from many diverse backgrounds. From students to fitness enthusiasts, the trail provides a way for the community to interact and explore. We seek to enhance this experience by providing a simple resource for everyone to get to know the trail. With the Trail app, you can locate points of interest, find new routes to your favorite places in town, and discover bits of Bloomington Normal history. This is just the beginning and with your help we can build a product as beloved as the Constitution Trail.

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Our Team

Meet the drawChicken team! Just a couple of software developers who have a passion for developing apps that help. Eddie and Johnmark met during one of their many development classes at Heartland and quickly discovered a passion for mobile. They accidentally stumbled upon the name drawChicken and decided it would make a great company name. So they started one.

Johnmark Beaty

Johnmark isn’t quite a Bloomington/Normal native, but after a decade, he blends in pretty well. Johnmark moved to Central Illinois with his parents and 10 siblings and decided to stay, continue his education and begin his professional endeavors. If he’s not working for local web development company, Cybernautic, you can find him spending time longboarding, sending snaps or involved in activities with student campus ministries.

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Eddie Koranek

When it comes to Central Illinois, Eddie is a lifer. He’s also a family guy, so he can often be found hanging with his awesome parents and three younger sisters. Eddie is all about tech; from his “real” job in iOS development, and his side job as an app developer, he is happiest bringing new ideas to life. If you can get him into the sunlight, he enjoys biking with his fiancé and longboarding as well as being an active junior high and high school youth leader at his church.

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